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You will love learning here. Our emphasis is not only on learning but also on having a great time and building community. You will meet likeminded people and form relationships that might just last a lifetime. In a time where everything is isolating we are here to offer you togetherness and an environment of loving kindness while creating a symbiotic relationship with our precious Mother Earth!

About Us

Wide Variety of Courses

We offer a wide variety of courses. Herbal medicines, gardening, wild foods, mushrooms, forestry, primitive skills, tracking, fermentation, bread making, bee keeping, and so many more. Anything you need to start living with the earth and doing so with ancient wisdom.

Highly Qualified Educators

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. Our instructors are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their courses. With sometimes decades of teaching and learning under their belts they have the knowledge and wisdom!

Hands-On Training

Whether you are new to learning to live closer to Mother Nature or you already have experience, we will make sure that you learn hands on from our experienced teachers. We believe in learning by doing!

You will have a chance to be directly involved in the course and go home with things you made yourself!

All Profits go to Happy Heart Sanctuary

When you take workshops at Earth Wisdom School you not only learn and become more self sufficient, you are also supporting a farm animal  sanctuary! You become a part of something greater then any of us alone could ever be! You are part of giving a better life to countless animals!

All workshop retreats will be vegan.

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2018 Workshop Retreats

June 7 - 10

Forestry and Raised Bed Gardening -     

Bee Keeping 101 - Herbal First Aid Kit and making Salves - Permaculture 101 

and so much more...

July 12 - 15

Herb Walk / Herbs for Nerves and making Tinctures -  

Organic Farm Site Visit -     

Carpentry and Building a Humanure Composting Toilet  -     

Nutrient Dense Superfoods / Fermentation and Sprouting
and so much more... 

August 9 - 12

Fruit trees / Berries and Creating a Raised Bed Garden -     

Wild Mushrooms and Inoculating a Mushroom Log -     

Herb Walk and Making Herbal Medicines -     

Fermentation and Bread Making 

and so much more...

September 13 - 16

    Preserving the Harvest / Canning and Fermentation -     

Forestry and Fall Gardening -     

Herb Walk: Natural/Homemade Cosmetics/makingSalves -     

Primitive Skills / Making Fire and MORE 

and so much more...


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